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Devotional 01-20-22


January 20, 2022

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12:00 am



Times of reflection also require discernment. Sometimes when we set aside a specific period to wait on God we create a blank page to allow God to write whatever he wants – and we somehow find ourselves waiting expectantly for ‘Something’ – something dramatic. Something like a voice coming from the heavens to surprise us, or something like a life-changing word to radically alter the direction of our lives. But most of us do not live on blank pages. We are already part of an ongoing story. We may be waiting for a new chapter to begin but we are not waiting for the book to be opened and a new story to be written.

Perhaps we are more like the fig tree in this parable, already planted in the vineyard for many years and growing healthily, producing new shoots and leaves, and yet wondering where the fruit is. Perhaps its not yet the season for figs; perhaps this is a time for resting; perhaps there just needs to be some aeration of the roots; perhaps there is a need for some fertilizer to be added. To cut down the tree and plant something new is drastic surgery and maybe, just maybe, that tree just needs a bit of extra care and attention for those figs to come bursting through.

Ask the Lord to give you discernment as you wait and seek him. Let him show you his perspective on your life so that you can use this time purposefully.

What chapter are you on in the story of your life? How many threads are being woven together to produce the garment? What season of the year are you in? Are you expecting figs before the tree has fully grown?

Jesus, thank you for taking me through my life stage by stage, step by step. Help me to use this time well and give me the insight to know where I am. Let your story continue to be written large in my life. Amen.

Read: Luke 14:6-9



Devotional: The Vine – Fasting

By: The Vine ChurchHong Kong